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About Us

Saudi Specialised Pipes (S.S. Pipes) is a business unit established by NABIL KRIMMLEY ESTABLISHMENT for the manufacture of specialised pipes in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using state of art German technology utilising locally available industrial raw materials.

S.S. Pipes, a manufacturing unit for Polymer Reinforced Concrete Pipes and allied PRC Products is set up at Plot 1 B 25, King Abdullah Economic City, Rabiq, K.S.A. under technical collaboration agreement with METROMAX r PRC, German, one of the best manufacturer of Polymer Concrete Products in Europe. The plant and machinery to manufacture PRC Pipes and products is sourced from Germany utilising services/ Products of reputed German companies such as B+S, Respecta and Computer controlled and automated moulding machines for production from Metromax. S.S. Pipes, under its agreement with METROMAX r PRC, Germany, has access to accumulated and developing technical know how and expertise as well as access to new developments in PRC.

Mould Equipment and Transfer Car System



S.S.Pipes factory at KAEC, Rabiq , set up over 30,000 M2 industrial plot, has manufacturing capacity of ..... MTA of PRC products in Pipe sizes range up to 2200 mm I.D. Process of procurement of raw materials, computer aided process of manufacturing, state of art machinery and moulds and technical back up of MATROMAXr PRC give an unmatched capability of manufacture of PRC Pipes to DIN 54815 - 1 & 2 and ASTM 0678 standards

The state of art Quantity Control Test Lab has capability to perform testing of products to prevalent ASTM or DIN standards.

  • Our Mission

    To be a cost effective manufacturer utilising locally available raw materials using state of art manufacturing process technology and world class plant and machinery exercising world class quality assurance

    To be a preferred supplier of PRC Products for the Project Authorities rendering assistance at planning and design stage of the projects and meeting with the delivery and sales commitments to all our customers - the reputed contractors and constructors who are awarded the construction contracts to implement the projects

    To supply Pipes and allied products including innovating developments in PRC and contribute to training of contractor's persons for error free installation of PRC products

  • Our Vision

    Water is life. Water is also a scarce natural resource. Efficient collection, storage and transport of water, waste water and sewerage is essential for management of water. Sustainable development in global scenario, demands a robust and failsafe technological solution, in creating and managing the civic infrastructure that requires minimal maintenance care and expenses. Especially, under ground piping systems need to be the most robust, long lasting and fail-safe by design.

    S.S.Pipes Factory shall provide supplies of World class Specialised Pipes and allied products to enable engineers plan, design and implement the technologically best solutions in management of water. PRC Pipes manufactured at our state of art plant at KAEC, shall be ideal for collection and transport of waste water, sewage, drainage of excess surface water, etc. And due to its specialised technical properties, PRC Pipes from 55 Pipes shall be most suited as Jacking Pipes in Micro-tunnelling.

    S.S. Pipes shall supply PRC Products of world class quality to meet with the technical requirements as specified by Planning and Design Engineers of Project Authorities and shall be a reliable supplier to all its valued customers, the Contractors and Builders of Civic Infrastructure in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries, well connected by road/rail/sea to KAEC, Rabiq,K.S.A.

Advantages of SS Pipes

What distinguishes SS Pipes from others, are the following properties:
  • High compressive strength = high jacking forces plus large factor of safety
  • Smooth, even, non-absorbent exterior surface = minimum friction during jacking
  • Exactly parallel pipe faces = even pressure transfer
  • Extremely tight tolerances = accurate dimensions for safe installation
  • Optimum elasticity = lower breaking risk
  • Low weight = easy handling for transport and installation
  • Size made to order = use with any pipe jacking machinery
  • Complete system = Caisson shafts, manholes from one source
  • Smooth, even inner surface = large flow capacity through out useful long life
  • Good corrosion resistance = long life and reliable service
  • Certified strength under pulsating stress = general approval by DIN or ASTM standards
  • Maintenance free pipes = economically cost effective pipes
  • Chemically inert PRC = no negative impact on enviroment

SS Pipes brings you the ideal solutions for trenchless and open trench constructions. SS Pipes are long lasting, low maintenance, cost efficient and environment friendly. Our team of specialists is at your disposal to assist you in all your inquiries and help you plan execute world class projects putting SS Pipes to service for trouble free use for decades truly caring for future generations.